TLC welfare provides staff and volunteers to run the welfare service at music festivals and events across the country. Based in Glasgow, Scotland we have worked with many music festivals throughout the UK to support customers who find themselves in difficulties. This could be anything from basic information, signposting to other services, emotional support, health & wellbeing, alcohol, substance or sexual health advice. Specialised support for dealing with lost & found children, vulnerable young people and lost property management can be provided for your events.

From the basics or helping someone to charge their phone or cancel lost bankcards to helping someone get home in an emergency, our caring team of welfare staff are there to help.


We can provide cover 24/7 for your event. If you need cover in the campsite or just during opening hours of the arena at festivals we can tailor the right level of service and support for your event. Every event differs depending on your audience, type of event and numbers attending. Everything from a full welfare service to lost and found kids support or looking after lost property. We will tailor the service to fit the event, your resources and budgets.


Do you run a music gig or festival? Have you considered what welfare provision you have in place to support customers. More event organisers are required by local authorities and as a condition of license to provide welfare support for their customers. This is in addition to medical and security. We can provide a bespoke welfare service for your event.


Wherever you need us. It’s your event. Welfare service can operate in the campsite fields, main arena, hospital or medical support, kid’s area, running lost property.


Providing information and welfare support at this event helps contribute to the health, safety and well-being of the audience, and can act as an early warning system to detect any potential breakdown of services or facilities on site.  Welfare support is provided for people who find themselves in difficulties. They aim to fill gaps not necessarily provided by other specialist services. Our welfare team will liaise with other service at your event such as first aid, medical and stewards to get the right support for the customers in need.